Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend Recap

I didn't think that I would get the doily done this weekend, but I had a surprising amount of sitting
time time yesterday in particular. I finished reading a novel on Friday and decided to take a reading break over the weekend, so that also gave me more time to knot. Though we did spend most of Saturday outside the house, Sunday was definitely a sitting day.

I do have an order I need to get to now. It was delayed as I searched rather fruitlessly for burgundy seed beads in stores. It was a terribly frustrating search. I didn't even love my options when I searched online for them mostly due to shipping cost and times. I eventually settled on something and I should get to work on that today. I honestly hate that I waited this long to start on it. I much prefer getting orders done immediately, but I guess I can't control every variable, every time.

The kids have a short schooling week, so I'm hoping to use the rest of the week for the tutorial project. It's been awhile since I put one together, so here's hoping I remember how and don't make a fool of myself in the process.

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