Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Well That Was Fun

Ah, everything is back to normal, or an normal as it ever is around here anyway. We had scheduled a service upgrade to take advantage of one of those reduced-cost deals and were unaware that this required that all our services, television, phone, and internet would have to be down all morning. Let's just say this made schooling interesting as I had to set the kids' computers to tether to my cell phone so they could get anything done.

So that was my morning, but I have been working on the doily for my brother. I just passed 9 inches, so I've just got a couple more to go. Of course each inch takes a hell of a lot longer at this point. I'm also working out what was a pretty pronounced ruffle a few rounds ago. I feel pretty confident that by the time I finish this spiral section that it will be perfectly flat again. It's already much better than it was when I started the section.

The only other things I did over the extended weekend and my day of technical difficulty was clean, read, and get a nice cold. Wait, I also did the yearly accounting for my shop so I could start the long, drawn out process of taxes for the year. So it's been a really fun few days. Here's hoping today runs more smoothly.

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