Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Little Of Everything

I spent much of the day on a cleaning project that won't likely be completed for weeks. That's partly because the weather makes stacking stuff outside unwise, but also because it's a big one. The rest of my day I worked on the the doily and remaking one necklace for the shop. The doily has gotten big enough that the progress is getting harder to see day to day, so I'll save a picture of that for today maybe. The necklace is an oldie. It was one of the first vintage edgings that I modified into a necklace. The stitch count has changed, but the design looks about the same as it did when I first made it years ago.

I still haven't finished the choker, so I'll get that done today. I'll probably have a repeat of yesterday after schooling wraps, some cleaning, some tatting, some knotting, and some reading. Hopefully my sinuses will survive all the cleaning as it appears I'm allergic to dust and pretty much anything that has been stored for any length of time. There's nothing for it though, things must be done.

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The Crocheted Butterfly Nova55 said...

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