Tuesday, January 31, 2017

If At First

I didn't get to much yesterday save for reading really. I actually got pretty excited in the morning when I had an etsy request from three pairs of barefoot sandals, but when I tried to confirm the design they wanted, it appears that they wanted something from someone else. The image I was sent was a pair made from machine lace and when I said they weren't mine, I didn't even get a 'sorry, my mistake' in response. Oh well, nothing for it.

Between that and watching the country burn figuratively online, I wasn't inspired to do much, but hide in fictional worlds between glances of the chaos. I did make up a mock center for the eventual video on round laces. Interestingly, I managed it with the properly begun center. I hadn't been very good at that in the beginning, so I usually just defaulted to a tatted ring. When I sat down to do the mock up I thought I'd give it a go assuming it wouldn't turn out right, but it went swimmingly. I tried it again and again it worked, so when I do get to that video I can actually teach  it properly rather than my hybrid method.

Today is the last day of the kids' end-of-semester vacation and the husband is taking the day off, so no new video in queue yet. I need a couple of quiet hours to get one done even though the end result is just a few minutes long. Here's hoping for an order or an idea to keep my fingers busy in the meantime. With the last doily done, I'm out of fall back busy work.

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