Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekends Off

I've really been taking weekends off pretty seriously lately. I mean, it's not really on purpose. If, for example, I actually had orders in queue, I'd be tatting all weekend if needed. It has, however, been pretty quiet in the shop. That means, I've been hanging out with the family or cleaning. There has been an awful lot of laundry and cleaning on weekends, but I digress.

On Friday I did finish up the new cuff design. I decided to leave the stitch counts alone for the most part. There were some changes, but as for fitting, I opted to add an element to each side to get it to the right side to fit most people. I also changed up the top row again adding another ring to join between the larger ones.

What I didn't do was get the piece listed. It's not like I didn't have time, but I just chose to ignore it and take the weekend off. So today, some time, I will try to get this properly photographed and in the shop. I'm still thinking about maybe making it into a choker as well, but it is pretty wide, so maybe not. Wide chokers like to fold up a bit when worn too long.

The husband and kids have today off, but plans seem to be in flux, so as it has been a lot lately, I have no idea what I'll actually get up to. Here's hoping I get something to do, that I want to do and the shop gets busy again soon.

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God's Kid said...

Wonderful design!!! :)