Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Nature had a much busier day yesterday than I did. We had a rather hot day for April and I think it set off a few phenomenon. The most obvious, at least to us, was the hatching of mantis ootheca, or egg cases. Dozens of little baby mantids squirming into the world in a display that would be horrifying if any larger.

We watched this outside and a half dozen extra large carpenter bees that had apparently fallen in love with our Purple Robe Locust tree's blossoms. The part of the morning that wasn't devoted to schooling was spent outside looking at these and other Spring events, then it got warmer and I retreated into the house.

After lunch I got the new necklace listed in the shop. Then it was on to the earrings. I was still debating the thread size, so I hung a prototype from my hoop earring and asked the folk over on Facebook if the size was okay. The generally consensus was that it was a good size. So I went ahead and made two final pieces and after schooling today, they'll get their hardware and get listed as well.

The shop is getting really quiet again, so I don't really have any more tasks in queue. There are still a couple of larger pieces that should be remade, but I'm stalling on those. So here's to something interesting happening today to keep me busy and creative.

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Madtatter80 said...

I love praying mantises and very cool to catch baby ones! also very nice earrings too!