Monday, April 14, 2014

Nothing Much

Oh, Monday, I can't believe we're already meeting again. I have so little to share. Sure, there was a little adventuring and I did start to remake one of the pieces I had been ignoring in queue, but that really doesn't amount to much.

We had more baby mantids hatch out from yet another egg case onto our grape vine. The little things are now all over our backyard  and we have to tread carefully, but they are a delight.

I did get excited for a minute when I sold something on Friday because I thought that meant I had something fresh to remake, but alas, I actually had two of them already made. There was nothing remotely new needed and I had no inspiration whatsoever. Weekend tatting was a bust.

I guess that brings us to this week, that promises to be a bit of an annoyance as well. Today we start with testing for the oldest child. This year, they are testing the new test and from the practice tests online, it's going to be a right disaster. Nothing for it, but to go ahead though. There are other tasks for the week that will keep us from getting into our normal routine as well and you know how that gets me all flummoxed. Well, here's to something, anything, breaking through to make the week better. I'm crossing my fingers.

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