Monday, April 28, 2014

Tired and Sore

Oh, what a busy weekend. Of course the reason it was busy had nothing to do with tatting, nor was any of it really my idea. The husband had decided a while ago to try and clean/rescue the items stored in the attic space of his parents garage. Rescue, because years of cats agilely  jumping up there and handling business has put many of those things at severe risk of destruction and many more of them already destroyed. I had planned to clean the kids room and cull their clothing while he was off and I did so for 3 hours in the morning. Then I got a text asking if I was finished enough to "help." I foolishly replied that I was. I then spend the next 3 hours or so sorting through boxes, tossing, keeping and sneezing. It was a long, tiring day,

I thought Sunday would be calmer, but there was a little more of the same in the morning, followed by copious amount of laundry from my Saturday clothing culling project. I am sore and tired and I have boxes of old toys from the 80's sitting in our computer room awaiting cleaning. It really was a long weekend.

I did mange a good sit on Sunday afternoon to watch a show. I also used that time to do a little tatted doodling. Nothing big, nor too interesting, but I needed to do something with my hands that wouldn't contribute to the soreness. So this is what I came up with. I may muck about with it today if I get some time. Otherwise I sold nothing over the weekend, so I have nothing in queue. The cat picture up there was taken during my bedroom cleaning and I thought they were cute, so I posted it. So here's to a nice quite, normal week. Hopefully there will be a little more creativity, a few good sales and absolutely no more cleaning projects.

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