Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Tuesday was pretty close to normal. We're nearly at that last lap of schooling, so I'm really buckling down to get everything done in time. While it's nice that both kids have managed to do nearly two years worth of schooling in one, I'm really looking forward to next year, when we can take everything at its proper pace.

It was well after lunch before I had any time that needed filling and as luck would have it, I managed to get one whole order. Even though it turned out that I had both pieces included already made, I went to work remaking one of the bracelet lest I forget how I made it once it's out of the house. I do that a lot. I design things, never write a single detail down and then I have to rush to remake it from the existing one before it needs to ship out.

Remember this bracelet? It occurs to me just now that I also made a necklace in this design, so I needn't have rushed so, but I can't go back. First it took me forever to locate my bag of black seed beads. I use them so rarely that they managed to thoroughly hide themselves. Then I had to remember how I managed the woven chain without frustrating myself and how long I made the cut thread before I began it. In the end I recalled that it was a fairly simple conceit. The only issue is how long it takes to make the lock chains with a needle. A really long time.

So I start today feeling a touch better having sold something, but since I rushed to finished remaking the pieces, I have no projects lined up for today either. This puts me at the mercy of the Universe once again. Either I sell something, am requested to make something, or my imagination is sparked and I create freely. More likely though, I'll mope about much of the day or get distracted with something completely irrelevant. Here's to me being wrong.

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God's Kid said...

Very unique look!! :)