Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Something New

Getting back into the routine of schooling was actually far less a struggle than I had feared. I think that the kids were actually ready to have some structure back after a week of something akin to chaos. It did take up the whole of the morning though and it was followed by a nice walk to pick up rocks for science class. Basically an unnecessary gesture, but anything that helps make it real and relevant to the kids is worth the effort.

When everything had settled after lunch I got to some tatting while I tried to clear off some of the dvr. Apparently I took a vacation from watching television as well. Anyway, I took the motif you last saw turned into a bracelet and instead of making it into a choker, I further modified the design to be a nice tatted chain necklace. I had to make it in several pieces, which I generally avoid, but it was the only way to get the look I was going for. Now, I'm sure if I really put my mind to it, I could get it done with split chains ans rings, but sometimes that's just more effort than I'm willing to resort to.

I still need to get the hardware on the piece, but hopefully after schooling I'll get it up in the shop. I'm trying to keep the place as interesting as possible and that's hard to do when all I have in queue is remaking familiar pieces. I might get some earrings made up with the base motif as well, but I fear they may be too big. I guess I'll play with thread sizes. Hey, it looks like I have a slight plan for the day. I guess the routine really is settling back in.

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