Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Recap

Oh, so little of consequence got done over the weekend. We went to the movies on Friday to see Captain America, great movie. Then there was cleaning to prep for having family over for the little one's birthday party on Saturday.

Saturday morning was mostly more cleaning and decorating. We also managed to head to the college plant sale early to pick some plants we probably don't need before the party. I say party, but really it was just family over to run around with the kids and eat food. It was a  pretty good time and then the rest of the day was cleaning up after the party and relaxing a bit. And yes, the horn stayed on her head the entire weekend.

Sunday morning we went outside and I pulled weeds and put those new plants in the ground. I was exhausted afterwards and my hands were sore. Now we cross our fingers that they live. I did manage to get some tatting done after that though. It was slow going with the sore hands, but I felt like I actually accomplished some things over the weekend. Just not anything to share, or for the shop.

There were no orders to deal with really, so I start the week with no major tasks. Well, except that the girls are back to schooling after a week off. Just getting them back into routine should take all my patience today. Well, I guess that's it then, one birthday down and one to go. At least I have a month and a half before I have to do this all again.

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