Friday, April 4, 2014

Birthday Unicorn

As expected I got no tatting done whatsoever. We spent the entire day going and being somewhere else. Since I can't show you any tatting, I'll show you the one gift I made for my daughter's birthday. She love unicorns, both my girls do, but they don't love them because they're girly and cute, they love them because who doesn't love an animal that can impale you on a shiny horn and then run off into the sunset farting rainbows. Yep, not kidding.

To that end I made her a unicorn headband that she proceeded to take out of the box and put on her head. It stayed there all day until we got home for the last time and we were all ready for bed. It went over rather well everywhere we went too. All over the zoo, we heard children and adults whisper about the unicorn. It really paid off at dinner when both a custom and the restaurant manager came over to talk about it. You see, our server forgot to put in our order, so our dinner was late, but thanks to said manager, free. I'm not sure we would have been offered that so freely, especially when we didn't even complain, without the unicorn magic.

When I decided she needed this gift, I trolled etsy for it, since I assumed someone had already got this market covered. They had. Looking through both low end and extremely high end pieces, I realized that I actually had the skill sets needed to make it. Air dry clay on a support structure, hot glued to a head band, wrapped in ribbon and finished with glitter modge podge. Easy and perfect for my little evil, birthday, unicorn girl.

Not certain I'll get to any tatting today either. We've got a movie to see and a party to get ready for on Saturday, but I do have a couple of pieces I need to get remade. I'll certainly try to get some work done. I do have bills to pay.

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Liriel B said...

I love the horn! I would have loved to have had one when I was younger.