Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Yesterday was suppose to be completely normal, but then I was tasked with watching one of my nieces who had to stay home from school. She's a good kid, but it certainly changed the dynamic of the day. Schooling was harder since the kids were distracted. Once our babysitting charge was off for the day, I actually got some tatting done.
I worked on the necklace I've been working on at a snail's pace for the last week or so and got it finished. I was rewarded with the sale of a nice complex bracelet. So I spent the rest of the afternoon working on remaking that. I should have worked slower though, so I would have something to finished today. Instead I start today just as clueless on the day's tasks as yesterday.

We all stayed up late last night to watch the one prime time show we always watch even though they were doing a 'two hour event'.  As a result, I am just wiped out this morning. So here's to a nice, quiet, predictable day...well maybe with just a little unpredictable goodness. I could use some of that since you know I won't get a nap.

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