Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Well yesterday's giant event that I'd planned for weeks, was a bit of a bust. Sure I sold pendants to a few people and patterns to a few more, but nothing like years past. I've had a box full of packages from this day every year since I started. This time, just five. Three of them are done and will be in the post this morning and the other two were overnight, so I'll have them out later today or tomorrow morning. I suppose people weren't all that impressed with the pendant or the deal. Thank you though to those of you who did pick up a pendant or 4, your support means so much to me!

So with all the extra time I had yesterday not tatting up pendants like I had planned, I designed a matching bracelet based on it. I made a split ring chain with the same stitch counts as the pendant if there were two with the large ends together, adding a center one to join them.

The woven sections just needed an extra weave through the new ring and a join there and it was all done. I thought about adding another to get all the way around the wrist, but decided a chain to finish it would be nicer. I might try this same pattern with two colors and see how it looks before I go ahead and list it, so I might not. I've also been thinking of changing the stitch counts a bit to emphasize the size change. The day is too young to tell what I'll get up to aside from the last two tatting day pendants. That'll teach me to try a big reveal again. Oh, well, nothing for it now but to move on.


Madtatter80 said...

This is perfect and unique to needle tatting too!

Denise - Jewelry By Denise said...

I still really like that bracelet. I'm sorry to hear that your event was a bust. I also created a special pendant for this day and didn't sell a single one. Lots of ideas spawned from it though so hoping it's not a complete bust on my end. I do like the pendant and have started making it in size 20 thread for earrings. Hope you have a great day regardless!!

God's Kid said...

Totally fabulous bracelet!!! :)

Vi Merveilles said...

I feel like this is more of a perspective thing. I get maybe five sales every six months. If I got five sales in one it would probably make the rest of my year. Just putting things in perspective.