Friday, June 7, 2013

Up and Down

I have a good news, bad news situation regarding yesterday. Although that really makes it out to be much more than it is. Maybe minor success, minor failure. I did avoid that blasted casual game all day. I didn't touch it, not once, but I only managed to get a couple more color variations done before my mind wandered off and I didn't get the lot listed at all, I didn't even get to the point of pressing the pieces. The blue one up top there is actually two different shades, but my phone camera is incapable of distinguishing them, so you'll have to wait until I actually get my rear in gear and use the real camera before you'll see them properly.

In more up and down news. I received two request messages yesterday and they were written ever so wonderfully. At first I was a bit embarrassed that I might have guilted them into writing like that, but then I decided that even if I had, I was glad of it and I hope I might have done the same to others with my rant. On the down side, I woke up to another rude request in my etsy shop for a pattern of a finished French. My French is, shall we say, awful, so I had to use a translator to tell them no, I don't care if you 'preferais le faire moi meme' I'm not giving you the pattern. Two against one for civility though, so still feeling good about the day.

I also recently received this photo of the Thread Studio at the Denver Art Museum which is displaying a pair of my ankle corsets.
Hopefully I left the picture nice and big, so you can click on it and view it better. It really is a lovely display and I feel so humbled to be part of such an exhibition.

I just have one more minor success to share, though you likely don't care all that much. I finally finished the entire cannon of Sherlock Holmes stories. That's 56 short stories and 4 novels and apparently it took me just under two months to do so. I really didn't think it was taking that long, but it really was a lot of stories. Now, if I was still in school I would likely be writing one hell of a report right now, but since I'm not, I'm not certain what to do with my newly acquired knowledge. I guess I just pick something else to read and move on.

I did get a couple of orders overnight, so I have plenty of tatting to get on with. Hopefully being busy will get me back into work mode and I will actually get the two color necklace finished and listed. I have the whole weekend before I have to confess if I don't, so there's a good chance.


Michelle said...

It's nice to see the picture-gorgeous display and the corsets fit in well.

God's Kid said...

Those look sweet in 2 colors!! :)
And I saw it where you used it as a necklace in the square version and it looks very classy!! :)

Natalie said...

Congrats on being a part of such a lovely exhibit! I hope you have a very productive weekend.