Monday, June 24, 2013


Another weekend, another mostly interest free recap. I really did mean to do something interesting this time, but I just didn't. Let's see, I did sell one of the new one off necklaces I made last week, so I fully intended to replace it with something, but I never got round to it. I blame the postal service. They said my thread would arrive on Friday, which it didn't. If it had arrived on Friday I would have finished the medallion order by Saturday morning and had plenty of time to muck around with whatever one of a kind pieces I wanted. Instead the thread arrived on Saturday afternoon, so I spent the rest of that day working on the medallions and most of Friday was wasted remaking barefoot sandals.

I also got an order for my cat ears which meant I needed to remake a pair of them as well. I ended up using the last black headband I had, so today I'll need to paint the other headbands black, so they're ready to go. I suppose I could have used just a bit of yesterday evening to make something new, but by that point I was just tired since the weather turned on Sunday and we were just so lazy most of the day.

So I guess today is painting headbands and hopefully making up a few new things to keep the momentum going and provide me with some pictures to share with you because I too, do not want to be boring.

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