Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sad Realization

Well we had our pajama day...well, they did. I couldn't possibly do that. I have to get up and get dressed. The children did nothing of consequence, but rather than use the peace to create, I used it to clean. I tackled the catch all that is my half of the computer room. It turns out I do in fact have a desk and the amount of boxes I kept around 'just in case' was a bit ridiculous. Their removal revealed much floor. I even tackled some of my tatting mess. I have a nasty habit of hanging on to every little thing. So I chucked a bunch of failed attempts into the trash along with some threads I tried out and hated. Don't get mad, they were just small little samples. You know I'd offer that sort of thing to you if I thought it would be useful at all.

The only other worthwhile thing I did with my time was continue the importing of our CD collection into my computer. While I was stuck in the room I finished reading The Invisible Man, as tragic and violent a story as I've ever read. Unfortunately the rest of the tasks that occupied my day make for really boring reading. Sure I battled several fronts of ants. Don't bother telling me how to sop them, they are an unrelenting force that I will just have to battle every time the emerge from a new location, which will likely be daily for the rest of the summer. We also set up a tank of triops for the childrens delight, but it will be days before the eggs hatch.

Today I am determined to run some errands and then do some tatting. I may have two months of no schooling, but I still have to occupy their time and sometimes it's harder to do without the structure of classes. Running up to summer I always forget this and imagine all this free time to create for two months. Yep, that doesn't exist. The summer is really no different. I still have kids to take care of and entertain, a house to clean, blogs to write and a household to run. Such a disappointing realization. Oh, well. Here's hoping for some tatting to show you tomorrow.

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