Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Time Is Now Mine

As I anticipated, yesterday was a serious waste of time, save for a few small things. We finished up their last day of school pretty early and then I spent the rest of the morning just hoping luck would be with me later at jury duty.

My in-laws took us out to lunch to celebrate the last day of schooling and I even got a few little "teacher" gifts. My in-laws are the best, seriously wonderful people. After that though it was off to the courthouse to waste the afternoon away. Luckily they now have free wi-fi and I had The Invisible Man on my phone, so I spent a couple of hours reading, in between "informative" videos.

Luck was with me as I was not in the only group sent to a court room and the rest of us got dismissed, I spent the remainder of the day on a quest to import our CD collection into my computer. Sure there are many of them there already, but we have tons of them since I used to work at a music store and I've been missing some of the older music.

Today, I've promised the children a pajama day. You might think because we home-school that that's every day, but I have a thing about getting up and getting dressed, so this is a rare occurrence. I also promised them that they could have a real day off and I won't bother them with things to do which means they'll be playing Minecraft all day. So I'm hoping that I either get a sale to work on or I get inspired to create something new since I clearly have the time for it today.

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