Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The End

Well, here we are at the last day of schooling. I'd be much happier about that if it was immediately followed by an afternoon of jury duty that could potentially ruin many future days. It's my own fault though. I needed to postpone it to avoid ruining end of year celebrations and doctor's appointments. So I will suffer as long as is required of me.

I got a lot done yesterday, just nothing very interesting. I had my back drop necklace to remake which starts by making dozens of bead links and assembling them with the chains. Then they're the actual tatting followed by the assembly of the lace with the chains. It's a long drawn out process that took all day. Well all day save for the couple of hours it took me to get all their school stuff packed up and ready to send back. With two kids this year, there are far more boxes and I'm dreading the trip to the UPS store with it's many trips back to the car to get another box. The first part is done at least though.

I'm afraid that's all I have to share today. I don't anticipate getting much chance to tat since I can't do that at jury duty. Apparently a long needle frightens them as do scissor and even nail clippers. So I will likely spend the afternoon reading. I've moved onto H.G. Wells books for the time being. I got through The Time Machine over the weekend and now I'm reading The Invisible Man. I really am ashamed at all the classic books that I only know of from adaptations and popular culture, not from actually reading them. It's kid of surprising because I was a voracious reader as a kid, but I guess I just wasn't as exposed to these kinds of books as much as I would have liked.

So to recap, last day of schooling followed by jury duty. Who wants to bet tomorrows blog post will be equally boring? I know, not much of a bet is it?

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