Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In Red

Another lovely, busy day for me. I got the two new necklaces listed early in the morning and by evening one of them has already found a home. The other is listed here. The same day sale happens so infrequently that is a cause for great happiness. I am getting ahead of myself though. After I got those listed I went back to getting that replacement bracelet made up. Once it was done I got creative again.
I think I only have one or two of these center filigrees left so there won't be many more of these. They were part of a grab bag years ago so I'm not sure I could find more of them if I tried. I'm also almost out of any brass bits thought I think I might have enough copper ones left to make another.  Again, getting ahead of myself. This one was cebelia thread in cranberry. I'm trying to make each piece as individual as possible, so the center on this one is completely different that the others, well it's all completely different really.

I almost forgot that I wanted to also show you one of the reasons it takes me so long to get photos, the help. JiJi, the cat, seriously would not get away until he was forcibly removed. Then of course everything had to be inspected for cat hair...again.

I also got an order yesterday for several of my earrings. I'm guessing from the customers previous communication that I can expect most of them to be returned after being seen in person, but I just can't have them unlisted while I wait, so I'll be working on getting all of those remade and relisted. It shouldn't take too long and having backups once some of them return, never hurts. I'll also get the new red necklace up and if time permits, I've got some bits in antiqued silver that may become some new one offs. It's going be another long day.

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