Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pretty Filligree Pieces

I buckled down and got to work yesterday. I spent the morning painting headbands black and then I followed that up with a giant sorting of grab bags. The last two I got remained all mixed up and I obsessively sort them into glass beads, natural stone beads, wood beads, and metal findings. The metal findings are my favorite. In fact I'm sorely tempted to get rid of some of the other stuff, but it's just so heavy that I'll likely let it turn into a mini hoard, like a dragons treasure.

After the sorting was, well, sorted, I moved onto making stuff. After the two small pendants, I decided that this time I would go for the bigger pieces. I started with some copper findings, the last I had in the hoard actually and used Lizbeth evergreen in size 20. I usually use 10, but 20 is easier to work with when you have to work around suck small spaces in the findings. It also looks much more delicate. I almost just put the piece on a copper chain, but the only one I had on hand was a bit clunky for it. I opted for the tatted chain and even gave myself he excuse to practice my split chain. I'm not quite rubbish with it, but it could be better.

This is the point in the day where I pulled out a different finding that I thought looked neat and tried to work around it. Now, it was rubbish and was quickly cut away as were two subsequent attempts. I just went back to what I knew would work after that, the same center finding, but in brass. I didn't have any similar bits in brass so I tried a couple of different side pieces before I settled on a simple daisy. I used Lizbeth in dark purple, which doesn't want to photograph accurately with my phone. I  had some tiny brass filigree bead that I added to the chains for this one. There were some changes I made on the center piece as well.

The plan is to get both these necklaces listed today and then I'm making up a spare bracelet because I've gotten word from a customer across the pond that the one they ordered hasn't arrived yet. There's still another week or so before it's been a month which is usually the outside of when they arrive. Sometimes it's a week, sometimes a month. I do wish the post was more consistent, but there's nothing I can do but prepare just in case I need to send a replacement. Then if I have the time I do have one more of those brass findings and some red stones I can add, so I might try to do up one more of these sort of necklaces. Then maybe I'll rummage through the findings again for more treasure so long as my motivation holds.


God's Kid said...

Those necklaces are very elegant!!! :)

Mickey Left Eye said...

I love these patterns. Is there a way I can purchase them?

TotusMel said...

These were one of a kind pieces I'm afraid. I didn't write up a pattern for them since they were worked around these random filigrees.