Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I won't lie, yesterday did not start out on the right foot. After getting the kids up and going out on a walk and doing laundry, I should have gotten back to work on something tatting related, but I didn't. There was more reading and cross stitching and general stalling. Heck at some point I even took an 'almost' nap. You know the kind where you never really fall asleep, but you still can't be bothered to open your eyes or move. After I stirred from that time wasting nonsense, I was determined to do something, anything.

The first thing I did was turn that last piece into a necklace and get it listed. I almost copped out and went with a metal chain, but decided that I really needed to tat something straight away or the stalling would just continue. I forced myself to get it finished and photographed and listed. I needed to get something new in the shop. Something new to share on facebook, on twitter, here. Once that was done I almost curled back up with a book, but I had started back to work and I needed to keep the momentum going.

I decided that I needed to work on the other ideas I had for this basic design technique. So I started by changing the center and working out from there. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this idea either, until I laid it across my wrist and a bracelet was born. The side sections were worked with one fewer row and rather than join them at picots, I wove the end chain through the larger motif. The resulting bracelet is a little too big for me, but since I can hook it further in the lace, it will work well. Plus, most people have larger wrists than me.

So that was an unusually productive day, at least compared with recent days. I have the finishing work to do on the bracelet and hopefully I can continue to be motivated enough to get to listed today. Maybe I'll even be motivated enough to keep working on new stuff while the shop remains in an unnatural hibernation state. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just the lack of sales but they are joined by lots of questions that lead nowhere getting my hopes up and dashing them back down. Oh, well, the only way out is through.


God's Kid said...

The necklace is nice!! :)
And I love the bracelet!!! :)

Trish G said...

The bracelet is gorgeous :)