Monday, June 3, 2013

Too Hot

In what is probably a very bad sign for the day to come, I woke up with quite a headache. It's likely due to the heat as the weather has decided that it's actually the middle of Summer instead of Spring and rocketed the temperature up past 100º and it plans to keep at it for some time. I don't mind the heat in principle, I just prefer a more natural progression to it.

I did get up to a little new tatting on Friday. I made this little motif with no real purpose in mind. I like it alright, but I think it might be too similar to other peoples work since I got a few, 'hey, that looks just like...' comments. I've never seen a similar one personally, but the comments put me off doing anything with least for now. I did take some time to fine tune the design before setting it aside though and now the outside chains are a bit straighter.

The rest of the weekend was attempts to beat the heat for the kids. First a splash pool thing on Saturday and then their grandparents pool on Sunday. I don't really like swimming myself. You can chalk it up to a bad childhood experience. So instead I read while sitting outside with the family. I am just a few stories away from finishing the entire Sherlock Holmes original canon. Sadly I don't think the experience has done a thing for my powers of observation.

I also made a couple of good sales over the weekend, so I have a few bigger pieces that need remaking today. It's basically just that and schooling for the day though. I did have a few annoyances over the weekend as well, but I'm not really in the mood to complain this morning. Be warned though, if I wake up one day this week without anything better to share, you'll hear all about it. Here's hoping I don't run out of nice things to share.


God's Kid said...

I really like that motif!! I haven't seen one like it!! :)
I bet it would look awesome in different colors too!! :)

crafty cat corner said...

I really like the motif, a bit gothic/celtic looking.

TotusMel said...

Thanks so much!