Friday, September 21, 2012

What A Yoker

Yes, I'm afraid it's gonna be another boring post. In fact the most interesting thing to happen yesterday was my morning egg. It had a double yolk. I know, exciting right? Yes, I took a picture, but it was to show the sleeping daughter when she got up. I thought she would think it was cool. The day never went up from there really.

I got another piece remade for the shop and though I did indeed get one interesting idea in the comments, thanks Victats, I didn't get around to trying it out. I suppose mundane household tasks won out over creative thought yesterday. I will try out the idea though because it's a pretty good one and I think I can make it happen. Not today though, today we have a school field trip to a nearby gold rush town. We've been there before and it's a fun place, you know if you like that sort of historical thing.

The Universe clearly has not been listening to my pleas for interesting things to happen, so I think I'm going to try and use the weekend to turn it around myself. I've got to get back to creative and away from production work soon because I am running out of time before the holidays are upon us and I really won't have time for creativity then. I must fight the rut and get interesting all by myself. Wish me luck!


Fox said...

So funny! This happened to me once, but with TWO eggs! I posted about it with photo here:

Never seen anyone else's double yolks! Thanks for the morning chuckle.

Fox : )

TotusMel said...

Ha! Wow, two double yokes Fox, thanks for the chuckle too!

Josephinea197 said...

nothing with eggs to do,
have you ever tatted a wedding crown?
(and if you have, can you add a photo of it on your blog?)

Kohlea said...

The double yolk is actually quite a common thing when the hens are still very young and only starting to lay eggs. They'll start by laying teeny tiny eggs, then lay these huge ones with two yolks and finally settle to the normal size. The irregularly sized eggs usually don't end up in the supermarket, though. Which is kind of a waste since there isn't anything wrong with the eggs except their non-standard size.