Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Recap

It's never a good sign when you wake up on a Monday morning with a headache. It's doubly bad when you have just woken up out of a dream in which you were angry with your children for not listening to you. So now I'm in an unpleasant mood with a headache on top. The outlook for the day is officially grim. I'll back up now though and recount the weekend as best as I can under the circumstances.

Friday was a field trip to Columbia State Park, the gold rush town I mentioned on Friday. Fun as it was, there was a whole lot of walking in the unseasonably warm weather and when we got home, I had zero energy to do anything. This picture of the youngest child asleep on the way back perfectly illustrates my energy level for the remainder of the day.

Saturday we headed out of town to go shopping for the husband. He needed some semi formal wear for an upcoming wedding since he owns nothing besides t-shirts and his work clothes. Usually his work clothes stand in when he needs to dress nice, but we thought he could use an upgrade. After a wonderful lunch it was hours of walking back and forth across the mall and leaving with a list of things to order online because his size was absent in the things he liked. On the plus side I never have to feel bad about taking my time shopping for myself ever again.

When we got home I was exhausted, but it was early and I was inspired to make something. Through a strange series of 'this reminds me of that' I decided to make a tatted triforce. When I posted it on the facebook page without naming it at all, I was gratified that many people knew exactly what it was. The children loved it too though, so I spent quite some time making one up for each of them with. Hopefully my mood and headache will subside long enough to get a jump ring on it, photograph and list this one as a pendant today. Since the pattern is made up of a only slightly modified version of a very familiar vintage motif, I might even get this one written up and through on Instructables soon as well, though probably not today. Today is likely a wash, so I'm not even going to bother with a list of tasks. I'm just going to ask the Universe to bring it up from here.