Tuesday, September 4, 2012

That's Done

I wouldn't call yesterday a particularly productive day, but I did do what I planned to at least. I got both the burgundy and green sets listed fairly early in the morning. I even started thinking about how to extend the design into a bracelet. That thought didn't get all the way from my head to the thread, but I had it so it might happen at some point.

There was a lot more cleaning yesterday in anticipation of having family over. They actually couldn't care less about the cleanliness of our house, but I find it is the perfect excuse to clean well. Since I don't really enjoy cleaning I need these sort of excuses to get the floors done and declutter spaces. You should see my desk right now...it's the epitome of clutter, but since I don't have a reason to clean it, it shall remain so. After all the cleaning there was a nice afternoon of family and food followed by exhaustion.

We're back to school today and I'm almost to the end of the remaking queue. There are just a few left and I think I'm stalling a bit on getting to them because they're white and I dislike working in white. My hands always seem extra dirty and I can't stop touching my face and I'm certain it's all psychosomatic since it's only white thread that brings it on. I know I'll have to suck it up and just get them done at some point, but don't be surprised if I stall a bit longer.

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Fox said...

I get winded just reading your posts! All those cats, kids,a husband, house, family AND a booming business - you are amazing!
Fox : ))