Thursday, September 6, 2012


Again, I can proudly proclaim that I did at least what I said I would. After schooling was wrapped for the day I got the new bracelet design photographed and listed. You can see the beading I went with for the center join here, there are more pictures in the listing of course.  It also turned into one of the naturally longer bracelets I've made and since the design is so dense it's also one of the only ones in the shop with the warning that I can't adjust the length. I mean, I suppose it's possible, but it just wouldn't look right. The dense design along with the beading being such a pain in the neck caused me to pop a larger price tag on it than it's size belies.

I also made another bracelet up in a chocolate brown with iridescent matte teal beads. Listing that one is one of the tasks on hand for today. The other two tasks are to remake the items I sold around bedtime last night, a mask and some cat ears. It kind of seems like the Universe is trying to get me back to some tasks I mentioned earlier and never got to. Masks and cat ears, huh? Of course if I had done them then, I'd have little to do today, so there's that then.

So this is a little odd, I had something new to show you, I have new tasks on hand for today, yet I still feel like this is the most boring I've been in a while. Maybe because I feel like I ought to get to work instead of just write about it or maybe it's the absolutely bizarre dreams I've been having of late. Whatever it is, I'm out of things to say, so I'll leave you with a, have a nice day.

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