Friday, September 28, 2012


Another long day, but a fairly uneventful one. Schooling stretched longer than usual as we had an online meeting with one of the teachers, but after that I got some work done.

I had a few pairs of earrings to make and get relisted and one choker to finish and it all got done. See, busy, if not interesting. I'm actually starting today task free. Well, immediate tasks anyway. There are still pieces in the shop that it would be wise to have more pieces made of and I think I'm actually in the mood to get some of them done. Of course we'll see how I feel about that as the day wears on. I might be feeling creative, though that's a long shot. I'm finding it hard to even think of anything to ramble on about right now, so I'll leave you early with another cat picture and again ask the Universe to send me an unexpectedly interesting weekend so I can pretend my life is worth reading about again.

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