Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bored Now

This is really getting bad isn't it? Days and days of nothing interesting to share. It's not like I'm not tatting, I've just seen it already and so it's not exciting in the least. I did do what I said I do yesterday. Public proclamations do wonders to keep me on task. I painted up some headbands early in the morning and spent much of the day tatting ears. They are odd things to made. I start with a slightly modified vintage triangle motif. Then I add an edging to two sides. After that I add a horizontal base to the bottom that lets the ear stand up on its own. Of course that's not only what it's for, it also provides me a base to sew onto the headbands. Speaking of headbands, I just thought I'd let you know why I'm painting them instead of simply buying black ones. I like using thin fabric covered headbands. They're perfect for sewing the lace onto.

Well, I was picking them up in packs of three and then the brand stopped making the exact ones I used and started making only packs of multiple colors. I can't even seem to find anywhere, including the beauty supply places that sells black fabric covered ones individually. So this means I'm buying the color packs, using the one or two black ones in the pack as is and not to waste the others, I'm using fabric paint to turn them into black ones. I'll of course keep looking and might run into exactly what I need one day, but for now I'm making what I have found work for me.

I got three headbands completed yesterday, but I still have three more headbands I can use, so I'll likely work on some more of them today as well as get to the last few pieces that need remaking. Now I feel like I've gotten enough done that I can switch back and forth between tasks. I think it's also about time I came up with a new design as well. I don't currently have any ideas for one, I just think I ought to switch gears before I begin to bore even myself.

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If you are bored but have extra head bands why don't you make devil horns?