Friday, September 14, 2012

The Spiders Are Back

It actually took a couple of minutes this morning for me to remember what I did yesterday that might be worth mentioning. There was schooling of course and I was working on getting a large choker made up for the shop. When that was done, rather than work on more remaking, I decided it was time for the spiders to get made. I always sell a few of them this time of year and they're fun to give away to kids. They're also one of the few tatted things even the nephews think are pretty cool.

They're the same ones I listed last year when I also made this post for them: Spider. It has a few vague tips at the end on how to make your own spider. Just to recap more clearly for this year though. It's a simple two ring design.

R: 4ds 1p 4ds close
R: 4ds 1 very long picot(vlp) 2ds 1vlp 8ds 1vlp 2ds 1vlp 4ds close cut and tie.
Snip the picots in half for legs and done.

Variations on the theme include, increasing stitch counts for bigger spiders, encapsulating a bead within the body or leaving a thread space between the rings for a smaller spider hanging from it's web.  You can even stiffen them and shape the legs so they stand on their own. These are my favorites though, perfectly simple and they are wonderful for using up the otherwise useless ends of the thread ball.

I just thought it was about the right time to share these again and you'll have plenty of time to make swarms of them up to decorate for Halloween, or everyday if you want. I'd love to see your spiders if you make any. I'll toss photos up on the blog near Halloween if I get any. My email is in my blogger profile. Enjoy.

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