Monday, September 10, 2012


On Friday, the sun was out and I got good pictures of the brown and teal bracelet. I'm actually quite glad I waited for the weather to cooperate as I didn't even have to edit the colors on these ones, it was just perfect as is. See, being lazy something works out just fine.

Speaking of lazy, man did I ever avoid getting to my queue of white pieces that need to be done. Anything and everything I could think of this weekend to avoid it. In fact I don't think I did any tatting at all. The shop has been pretty quiet save for all the notifications I keep getting about my masks getting added to Halloween themed treasuries. So there's been nothing new sold for me to remake and I haven't had any good new ideas recently either. All this means I let my needle lie and instead...I did some housework.

We recently purchased some new furniture to go in one room of the house that we've yet to furnish. We're still waiting for it to arrive and there was some prep work the empty room needed. While it's been empty, it is right at the front of the house and gets plenty of use as a cat bedroom, cat battle arena, a playroom and occasionally I catch the kids running laps around the rug. Before we put furniture in there I needed to clean the light colored carpet and the rug on top. You might have noticed the rug is mostly black and our cat population is currently three and a half white and two and a half black. The light carpet contained large amounts of black cat fur and the black rug? You guessed it, large amount of white fur. I'm still puzzling over the seemingly deliberate distribution of colored fur.  What I'm trying to say here is that the cleaning took quite some time and energy and I may have recovered enough fur in both the vacuum and carpet cleaner to make more than one new cat. Now I just have to keep it clean until the furniture gets here in oh, a month. I'm certain this will cause me no annoyance at all.

So,  sometime this week I will knuckle under and get to the white pieces and that is the only task I must get to. I'm of course hoping to get inundated with orders and have to switch gears thus avoiding it again. Best way to start a week, pipe dreams and avoidance issues. I think I'm ready for another vacation.

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