Monday, September 17, 2012

The Faire

After I wrote my blog post on Friday and started the day, my laptop which is positioned next to me throughout the day decided that it didn't want to boot up. I alerted tech support, who is also known as my husband. He only had a few minutes before he headed off to work, but a preliminary analysis predicted that I needed a new hard drive. This meant that I was going to have to get along without my trusty companion. Schooling was handled using the kids computers and an ipad which was awkward and slow. When the husband took a longer look during his lunch break, the diagnosis was confirmed, a new hard drive was ordered and I resigned myself to a weekend without my laptop.

At first I thought, well with no twitter or email right next to me, I'll get some real work done. Only it turns out that those silly things actually keep me on task. Checking email on my phone is cumbersome and takes away from the task at hand and I certainly can't tat at my computer desk where the desktop computer lives. Plus every time I go in there to work during the day, I worry what the children are up to in my absence as it's hidden enough to allow them a little too much supervision free fun. The hard drive will be in today, but not until the evening, so hopefully it's just one more day of this and everything will be back to normal. At least the experience has left me with proof that I need my laptop and it's use it more helpful than not.

We also headed off to the Renaissance Fair this weekend with the kids. I didn't dress up this year and it's a good thing because the oldest has outgrown her bodice and the only thing we had around here to fit her was mine. We really should get new ones, but they are so not cheap. This is them watching horses before the joust began. We had found a spot of shade that we moved from so we could actually see well.

As usual the kids has fun, but wished we would have spent more money so that they could do more things. Sometimes I wonder at the amount of money some of these families I see doing everything must drop at these things. Alas, I had a sick laptop at home and we have plans next month, so dropping that amount of money is just not in the cards. Still they got a few things and I'm sure they're just happy we went.

So this week begins with more remaking for the shop. I still have a few bracelets in the queue and a few other things that need to be done as well. I feel like I wasted the entire weekend since I didn't have my laptop to remind that I had pieces to make. Man do I miss that thing and I am so lucky that my tech support lives under my roof.

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