Monday, June 18, 2012


What a weekend. A hot, busy weekend. Sure Friday was okay. I was on task and got things made that I wanted to and then I got a message that the magazine I sent stuff to, can't find it. I've got the USPS tracking info and it was of course allegedly delivered days ago. This is not the first time that things sent to a large New York building have somehow become lost in the ether. The first time was the fashion show pieces, but then I had enough time to replace them. This time, not so much. So I shrugged, gave my contact as much info about the package as possible and let it go. I reminded myself that I sent things I could afford to lose and had said no to sending my large fancy mask and I'm moving on. Serenity and all that.

The rest of the weekend was friends on Saturday and family on Sunday. That of course is a gross understatement, but you get the point. Saturday we went out after a comic book store signing with our good friends and some other folk. The good friends are the ones that count though. We managed to break the final straw to get one of these friends to join twitter. I only mention this because it was part of our Sunday entertainment to watch his follower count explode and suck a year away from his life like the machine in Princess Bride. Oh sure, it'll even out after a week or so, but for now, man is it entertaining.

Sunday we went to see Prometheus with the Fathers of the family. May I never need abdominal surgery. Then there was dinner and more family time. Sorry about the almost total lack of tatting. I did get a couple of orders in yesterday which will give me some lace making to do today. I'm pretty pleased because one of the pieces sold was my newest barefoot sandal design. I get a bit nervous about new designs until they start moving. I've certainly had plenty of ideas that were greeted with complete indifference, but I'm started to babel now. Here's to a slightly cooler week with plenty of good surprises from the Universe.

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