Friday, June 29, 2012


First off, I got a couple comments regarding the dog eye patch project that basically said I should do it anyway. I'm not going to for a few reasons and I thought I'd share those. The reason I got the request in the first place was because I had already made an eye patch and it's listed in the shop here. Of course that one is for people and was a special request itself, but the dog one would be no different except it would have been sewn to an existing patch. So honestly there is no good reason to make another patch and list it as a dog patch in the shop. It really is the sort of thing that has one buyer in all the world. Part of the reason my etsy shop is so important to me besides the obvious, I need income, is that it gives me an excuse to try new things, both my ideas and customer requests and keep making. I've designed hundreds of pieces that I never would have without an outlet for them to go to good homes. The crazy ideas are great, but not if they just gather dust.

Moving on...I didn't do much yesterday, but make some stock up for pieces that I was relisting. I did get out the brown thread and make some brown versions of those same pieces though including these earrings I made with some gears for dangles. I've acquired so many different supplies that get so little use, I thought it would be good to get something slightly new at least.

While digging for the gears I did also run across the crystal I need to make the white version of the back drop necklace that I didn't think I had, so it is entirely possible that I will tackle that one today. I'm also hoping that today or tomorrow will bring the ribbon I need to finish the sash. I guess that's all for me. No big weekend plans for us so I might get some tatting done to share on Monday. So then everyone have a pleasant weekend.

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