Monday, June 25, 2012

Ottagono, The Bracelet

Most of the weekend was pretty busy with family adventuring. Movies to see, Brave and family haircuts from my sister which meant a full afternoon of all the cousins at the house. Luckily I managed to achieve a few things on Friday that I can share. First I finished a gray version of the new pendant necklace. Again I thought about making it up in another set of colors, but changed my mind. When this one was finished I had three pendants to play with and after a few minutes I realized that I could in fact get a bracelet out of the design.

The bracelet required some interesting design changes. I had to add several joining picots and eliminate some rings altogether on the two side medallions. Even then it was still bulging a bit at the joining sides and I was worried it wasn't going to work. Lucky for me, I never consider a piece failed until after I press it. If the iron doesn't make the lace behave, it never will. This one behaved just fine. I must say this is one of my favorite cuff designs so far. The twisted, crossed picots make it one of the densest pieces of lace I've done in a long while. It's also a tad bit longer than I usually make bracelets, so when I wore it, I had to hook it further into the lace. I don't think I'll be offering to size this one because that would be the biggest pain in the neck.

This morning I have just two more pieces in the shop that need to be made and then it will only be the large fancy mask that is listed as a custom piece. I also got one sale in yesterday so I have a piece to remake and get listed as well. I'm personally hoping for a wonderful, eventful week full of sales, surprises and the husbands birthday. That last this is real, the rest are just wishes, but they could all be true.

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Vicky said...

You could easily turn this medallion pattern into a short belt. With it's width and intricacy, it'd make for a beautiful statement on something like a wedding dress! Just have it hook or lace closed in the back.

Do you ever work with metallic thread? Or is it too fiddly?