Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's The Bells

Apparently the Universe feels that it's already indulged me enough and didn't supply me with anything interesting nor exciting yesterday. Instead it was a day very much like the one that preceded it. A walk with the kids in the morning and tatting to the sounds of the children playing video games much of the remainder of the day. Uneventful, but fairly productive.

Again, I stayed on task for a while, getting one of the three necklaces done that I had planned on, but then I got all listless again. I simply didn't want to make the next necklace on the list right then and since there's no one to tell me to stay on task, I didn't. First I thought I wanted to make something new, but that wasn't it either. I just wanted something else to make, so I flipped though a vintage book to get focused and one pattern reminded me of something I hadn't made in a while, which reminded me of something else entirely that I also hadn't made in a while, so I got out the bells.

Tatting with bells is such a pleasant experience. Sure, they're heavy on the lace and the thread before I add them, but the jingle just makes me happy. Now, not just any bell will do that, these Indian bells have just the perfect sound that immediately puts me in a better mood. Sure, I didn't get too much done yesterday and what I did get done wasn't particularly interesting or new, but from now on I'll remember just to get out the bells when it's clear that I need them.

Today is the family dentist appointment right smack in the middle of the day, so I will likely get even less done than normal. I do still have that list of pieces that need to get 'ready to ship' so I will want for no task until that has been done. Of course I'm still holding out for some Universe delivered goodness to reinvigorate me.

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Unknown said...

Very interesting project. Looks like it would be fun to wear.