Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Some mornings I really ought to just forgo writing. I know that I have nothing of value to share. The day before was completely uneventful and the day ahead looks to be the same. Yet here I am because it is my routine, I am a creature of habit and I must respect that routine. When I do not, it falls away quicker than a house of cards and I must build it back from scratch.

So the uneventful recap is, I remade one sold piece and one mask listed as a custom order is now ready to ship. Sure, I went on a nice walk with the kids and we spied an otter and a fresh owl pellet. Then of course there was the children fighting much of the day because they have finally reached that age where they are both independent minds and no longer do what the other wants all the time. That last thing was accompanied by a headache, some punishment and the horrifying thought that they will someday be teenagers and I will long for these simpler times. So, that was my day. There were no wonderful or even vaguely interesting events or communications.

Yesterday's tatting does mean that I finally have all but one mask listed in the shop ready to ship. The only one that isn't is the first fancy mask design that I sold. I just can't let go of the awesome photos so I keep it listed. Today I'm tackling the necklaces that are listed as custom pieces. I think there are three of them, but of course they are the larger collar style ones, so I'll probably only get through one and half of them. Then I think there are just a few more pieces to get made after that and I'll get back to increasing stock on the good sellers. Here at the end of my very pointless recap I call on the Universe again to bring me something new and interesting, a project or surprising sale because these people deserve to have something much more compelling to read than these boring ramblings.

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