Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Bridal Sash

One more large necklace has landed in the 'ready to ship' pile yesterday. That just leaves me with a set of slave bracelets to make, but they are listed as a custom fit bridal pair, so I'm still deciding whether or not to make a pair up. It seems if anything should stay listed as a custom piece, it's this sort of thing, or maybe I was just avoiding more remaking for the day. Those collar necklaces are big and exhausting.

So with my dial firmly set on stalling I opted to seriously consider a suggestion that has now been made by several people, the bridal sash. Honestly, I had no idea what that was when it was first suggested. I've been married for almost 14 years now and really have no desire to keep up with  bridal trends. I've since learned they are quite the popular accessory and their construction is a section of lace, beading, floral designs or appliques attached to a long length of ribbon for tying around the waist. So basically a larger version of the headband I already made. I wasn't sure I had a design that would work under my belt until I made up the ottagono bracelet. It's dense, strong and has several places to sew on crystals to make it the right degree of fancy.

I started on it late yesterday and took this photo oblivious the the giant mistake I had made. You don't see it either, do you? I only caught it as I tried to join the second motif to the first. The center clover is in the wrong configuration. I guess I thought that it wouldn't matter whether it was a "+" or a "x", but it did. The joining was awful and it became just another piece of lace hacked from the working thread and tossed in the trash. I did manage to get the work redone last night a little past the point where I discovered my first screw up.

The plan is to make a section consisting of an odd number of motifs probably 5 which would give the design about 11 inches. Though I'm a tad worried about the beast way to add the ribbon and it would be better hidden around ones back so I might make it longer. The decorative sections seem to vary in size on the other ones I've seen. Once  I make that decision and the lace is done I'll sew on crystals to the center of every small ring and another to the very center of each motif. That should supply sparkle without overwhelming the lace. Once that's done I'll have to head to the fabric store for nice ribbon. So this project if likely to take a few days. Then there's the small matter of photographing it, since my own wedding gown hardly fits and is silver. Oh, and I can't tie a lovely bow to save my life, so that's gonna be drama even if I find something to photograph it on. Of course I'm getting ahead of myself, it might not even turn out in the first place, but at least I have another project and you guys can stop making the same suggestion, thanks.

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