Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wasting Time

We knew that the weather was going to turn, so we were out on a walk early in the morning. These morning walks are not only my way of keeping the kids out and moving, but it also keeps me from focusing too much on what I could make with the time I'm wasting sitting on the couch without an idea. Once we were back though, that was a different story. Someone in the comments mentioned that perhaps I need a vacation because I seem to put too much pressure on myself to create. I so do. Part of that is it's just in my nature to keep moving and part of that is a very real economic reason. Once I moved tatting from the hobby column to the profession column, things changed. It was a slow change, at first it was just a little extra income, but now it's my job and my income is a vital part of our budget. With a family and no 'real' job' to my credit, I don't have the luxury of creation when I want. To keep people engaged in my work, I have to keep creating new pieces. Even with a catalog of hundreds of designs, if I stopped now and just sold the designs I already made, they would stop paying attention. It's just the way internet attention spans work.

So yesterday I asked facebook what I should make. The first response was a headdress. I have made small circlets and I suppose they count, but a real headdress is something I've only thought about. The problem occurs with the base. You see I have no milliner skills and I think if you're going to make something extravagant, you should really know how. That brings us to the second suggestion, the bra or bikini top. Sure, I can make lace that with look like a bra top, even though I can sew,  I lack the seamstress skills needed to make sure it's properly lined and actually wearable. Not to mention the nightmare of sizing. I'm very small and I would naturally make something that would fit me, but there's no way I'd be able to properly size up that sort of design. Last idea was a bridal dress sash. That one is almost tempting as they are apparently about a foot of design work attached to a long ribbon and I could just re-purpose other designs to the cause like my headbands, but I just wasn't feeling it right now.

What I did end up starting though was another fancy mask. This time I thought I'd break with my previous design and work with the scroll motifs. This is a picture of the simple mask portion joined to the motif from my back drop necklace as I work up what I'm actually going to do. This will be another ongoing project that will hopefully fill the increasingly long void between sales. I'll do the whole sequins or crystals stuff at the end, but I'm not even thinking about embellishments yet. Right now, I'm just making it all up as I work so hopefully it will in fact turn into something that wasn't a waste of time. That's the one thing I actively avoid doing, wasting too much time.


Trouble said...

I am sure you will come up with something wonderful!!!!

Luv Jane XX

BlondEngineer said...

If you're still looking for suggestions how about a slave bracelet using your lace maille motif? Or perhaps embellished with chains and jewels?

On a different topic, I've got a neice who is very into the christian goth look and adores your stuff.

Stephanie Grace said...

The mask looks great! I can't even fathom what it will look like when you get the feeling that it's done!

As an aside, if you do walks with the kids, why not visit local parks and bring along some paper, glue, and tatting. The kids can make collages as you draw inspiration from a different setting... You can even "assign" what they should find or even print out a local bird or nature list and have them look for everything on their list then make a collage OR just have a little 'bingo' competition to complete their list. With the lists added, it turns educational as well as being fun and you still get a change of scenery that just might spark a flame within you... Maybe?

Stephanie Grace

Vicky said...

I love Stephanie's suggestion of a change of scenery! A different creative activity in general could help refuel the idea flow, too. I'm not sure if you're a doodler, but sometimes if I work on a simple sketch, like a mandala, it's enough to spark my creativity or motivation in other areas (like that pile of paperwork over there... grumble...). Here's a good video on how to draw mandalas: http://www.premaspace.com/mandalas/

On the suggestions of things to create: how about a hairpiece that could serve as an alternative for a wedding veil? I'm thinking something similar to the drop back necklace, with a couple small flowers or medalions to be clipped into the hair near the ears, another larger piece to be clipped into the back center of the hair, and chains, pearls or crystals, and maybe a few scattered, very small & lightweight lace pieces, all draping down the back of the hair. It could be a great choice for brides who want to dress up their hair in a unique way, but don't want a circlet running across their forehead. You could, of course, make variations of this design that turn into a circlet as well, or design a way to clip the hair drape to a mask for added drama. :) If that's a confusing description, I could sketch something up for you.