Friday, June 15, 2012

The Fair

I wish I could say that I got a lot done yesterday, that I stayed on task at all, but I so didn't. I did have a fairly nice day regardless. On out morning walk along the creek we spied a river otter which led to great excitement for the kids and then we ran a few errands before locking ourselves up in the house to avoid the increasing heat. I tried to tat and I got one piece made up, but I was just drained so I opted to try my hand at doing nothing for the rest of the afternoon. I even ignored email I really ought to answer.

Once evening rolled around it was time to get moving again and head to the county fair. We go every year even though the animal displays we've always loved have apparently gone away save for the major FFA categories. We eat bad food, look at the art and wander a bit. This year was thrown a little curve ball though. As we ate, a fair photographer asked to photograph the kids and as we saw no harm, she did. Then she gave us free ride tickets. This means the kids rode their first amusement park rides. We all went on the big Ferris Wheel together and then the girls went on the mini roller coaster. There was much joy and now it seems we will not be able to get away with avoiding the rides any longer. Not that I don't love rides, I just prefer mine at amusement parks with a better sense of permanence.Though not much beats looking down on the world from a Ferris Wheel.

So today, let's see...I guess I have to finish up all the pieces I was suppose to finish yesterday. The weekend is booked for comic book store adventuring, Father's Day and movie going. I doubt much else we'll get done. I hope the Universe is still listening to me though because I really need to make some good sales for vacation and to save for a fall adventure as well. I'm willing to work for it, I swear.

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