Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sequins and Beads

I made much good progress on the new mask yesterday. The wires got covered and then I moved on to the sequins. The first fancy mask was covered in them as per the customers request. Never mind that that particular customer disappeared, the point is the mask was covered in sequins and while that was pretty shiny, I though that is took something away from the lace. The last one I did had less, but still over the center of the design. This time I decided that they would do better as an outline to the lace, offering a finished edge and sparkle, but not too much.

Once that was done I sat back to marvel at how much better I have become at the process and think about my next step. First I pulled out baggies of crystals, then I changed my mind. Then I pulled out some metallic thread for embroidery, but I ripped it out as it just wasn't right either. The last thought was beads. Now before you say that I could have added those while tatting, remember I was making it up as I went, so loading beads really doesn't work so well. So I decided to sew some on and I really like the effect so far. Yes, I am sewing them into the picot spaces, so I suppose if I ever make this one again, I can bead while tatting, but not on this one.

So clearly I am not yet done with the mask. I have more beading to work on today and then I will likely stare at it again until I decide if it does need crystals or something else entirely. It's possible that it will be finished today. It is also possible that I could stall on it and not have it done until next week. Who knows at this point. I did have one customer yesterday that I discussed a custom order with and they said they would make their purchase on Friday at which point I will have another project to switch gears to anyway...hopefully.

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