Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Sash Grows

I honestly thought this piece was going to take much longer to construct, but once I had the pattern down it really worked up quite quickly. Here we have the tatting all done with seven repeats of the medallion. Since they're all facing the correct way I'm pretty proud of myself. I also think I worked out a good way to attach the ribbon. On each end I skipped the long, twisted crossed picots at the edges. That leaves me with a section that the ribbon can fold over. I'll sew the ends down and I think I might add a bit of embroidery there to give it a nice finishing touch, but I won't be sure of that until the ribbon arrives. I thought I might be able to find it in the fabric shop, but the one we have in town is sad beyond the telling of it, so online works better.

Once the tatting was done I started work on the crystals. Again, I found a nice pattern to sew them on. By that I mean I got a nice order to work in, up one side and back up the other. I even worked out how to go from crystal to crystal without cutting and tying the thread. I wove through carefully chosen stitches to make that happen. It still took hours to sew, but again, I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out. It has a nice sparkle, but not an overwhelming one. It's perfectly clear that the focus is on the lace. Of course now that that's done, I have nothing to do with it until the ribbon arrives.

Today is the husband's birthday for which he took the day off work. So as you might have guessed we'll be off adventuring the day away. So unless I want to tat in the car, I'm not working on anything today. I will still be thinking on how I'm going to best present this piece to be photographed though. In the end I'll probably just wing it as always, but it's nice to pretend to prepare anyway. So have a good day everyone.


Unknown said...

This turned out so pretty. I look forward to see how you finish this with the ribbon and present it.

Vicky said...

Beautiful! Love it!

Unknown said...

Looks so complicated!! Very elegant!