Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wait, It's Not Saturday?

It's apparently one of those weeks where I wake up thinking it should already be Saturday when in fact we've barely reached the middle of the week. No sure what's doing it though. Could be the weather, icy cold in the morning, pleasantly warm in the afternoon and right back to dark and freezing in the evenings. It makes every day feel like three. Well, at least my nearly five days with no sales streak was broken yesterday. I had been getting quite antsy. If it weren't for the mask project I would have been whining my head off.

Speaking of mask project, I did get a second one finished up yesterday. It's still sitting in the kitchen as it was drying overnight. The experiment this time was to stiffen only one side on the lace, the front. My hope is that it will hold it's shape well enough to be worn over glasses and still be soft enough to shape onto a buyers face as well. This means I'll be playing with it all morning to see how it fares and if it passes, I'll try to get it photographed and listed today as well. I'm kind of hoping that the new masks will draw in some Mardi Gras business. I usually don't get much, most of my masks tend to go to various balls and masquerades throughout the year, but things can always change.

Let's see, what else? Not much...I remade the items that I sold yesterday already so I don't have much in queue for today. I still haven't decided what I'm going to do with the tatted hat either. I think I'm waiting for a burst of inspiration on that one. I guess today will just have to be a surprise. Hopefully it's a good one.

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