Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Necklace Is Done

Yesterday was pretty much back to normal. There was schooling and then I sat down determined to work on the embellishments for the front of the back drop necklace and get that made at last. I decided to simply echo the front on the back a bit save for the addition of one large black German crystal. Of course once I finished it, I was suppose to get real photos of it, but did I? No.

As you might image the set up for these pictures will be a bit different than usual. First I have to find something in my wardrobe that shows my back off and I'll have to freeze while wearing it. Then I have to take pictures of my back...not sure how that's going to work, next I'll have to take pictures of the front of the necklace as well. I think I might have to employ my daughter as a photography assistant which might work. I did think about just using photos from the mannequin, but she's in an odd twisting pose and I don't think it really show the piece off right.

If I do somehow manage all that today, I will then have to work out the pricing on this piece that took me days to work out and for once, there is fairly significant material cost to calculate. So, I suppose what I'm saying is, there's a slight chance he piece will be listed today, but don't anyone go holding their breath.

In other news, the pieces I loaned to the Canadian magazine returned quickly and save for a couple of makeup spots that can be cleaned on the inside of a few masks, they're in fine condition. I still don't know if they will ultimately see publication or not though. I sent a note thanking them for the opportunity and asking if they could let me know if they do, but as it's still New York Fashion Week, I think they might be otherwise occupied. I will of course let you know when I know.

So today's tasks aside from the necklace photography are few. I do have a couple of masks I could remake, but I'm not sure I will. There are always a few pieces that I take so long to sell that I can't see bothering to remake them. I suppose I could list them as custom pieces so the option is available to have me make them in the future without me expending the effort unnecessarily. That gives me nothing to do in the present though...I guess I'll think of something.


Vicky said...

The necklace looks beautiful! Does your camera have a self-timer? It might take some trial-and-error to get the positioning right, but you could manage getting pictures that way. :)

Fox said...

Go Canada!
Fox : ))

rsmre said...

This necklace is perfect for someone looking for romance. Love it!

Anonymous said...