Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Since yesterday was a holiday, the husband was home and after my normal routine was accomplished in the morning we all went adventuring. Spring weeds are exploding everywhere so when my throat started scratching, I thought allergies. Then when the adventuring was done and we were home and my throat felt worse rather than better, I still hoped for allergies. This morning as I pulled my eyes open, I finally accepted that it's not allergies, I have a cold. Damn.

As is the way of the Universe I have no time to slow down for this nonsense. I have two custom orders in queue, a movie to go see tonight and an all day field trip to Sacramento and the train museum tomorrow. This sick just will not do. So the plan is to get up, walk on the tread climber thingy hoping that I sweat some sick out. That will be immediately followed by a dosing of medications that mask the symptoms of these sort of annoyances. I will repeat until I am allowed to pass out at the end of the day. Oh, and plenty of water too, that is always indicated right?

As far as tatting is concerned, I can start work on one of the custom pieces today and I got asked about another yesterday as well, so once that's purchased I can work on that. I also need to put in a supply order today as well. I always stall on those knowing I will forget something and need to do another in a couple of weeks. It's also almost time to make my annual mass purchase of black thread. Seriously, you guys would freak if you saw how much of that I go through. Except maybe you hand dyers out there, you likely go through as much white, if not more, but at least yours is on cones not in boxes upon boxes of thread balls. So that's it then, I'm off to sweat and hope that this is the shortest lived cold ever and since all this writing is boring, I've left you a cuddling cat picture.

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Randi said...

Try at least 1000mg of vitamin C to help with your cold, and sports drinks alleviate that 'washed-out' feeling.