Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Coffee Please

So remember yesterday I said that I was discussing a custom rushed order with a customer and was waiting for it to finalize. Yeah, well it did and it got a bit bigger than anticipated and the result is I am now a bit on the ridiculously busy side, at least for the time being. I am of course not complaining about being busy. You know how much I prefer that to the alternative, but I have been running on a bit of a feast or famine cycle lately. First nothing, then something big, then nothing, etc. and I have to tell you that it is exhausting for me, not to mention makes a boring blog for you to read in the morning. I mean, seriously, how often do you just want to slap me for going on about the same things? Oh, don't lie...I know you think that on occasion. I would almost trade the big orders in for a nice even consistency...almost.

You've likely already guessed what my day is destined to look like. I have this new custom order to work on, a mask, necklace and bracelet all need to be made. I should also get my supplies in today which means I will have the back drop necklace to finished and assemble. Then once all these custom orders are done, it's back to remaking all the pieces that have flown out recently. I had a brief design idea a couple of days ago, but I was already so busy that I literally forgot what I was thinking about. Yes, I know I should have just wrote it down when I thought of it. I will remember to do so next time it happens. I am already tired this morning thinking about the day and week ahead. I guess it's an extra cup of coffee day. I hope your days are all wonderful!

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