Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Monday

Well, it was certainly a long weekend if nothing else. I went into it with that custom order to attend to and the thought that if I managed to knock that out I would get back to the ornament order too. Of course I didn't even get close and I am still working on the custom order. It never fails that when I need to make pieces for an order, I need to make more than one and they are never small pieces.

I even packed up my tatting and brought it with me as I accompanied my husband to a doctor appointment on Sunday. He had to have a test done that required I be there to drive him home. So, for two hours I sat in a waiting room and tatted. The only interesting thing happened about a half an hour before I left. A nice older lady started to comment on my work. She asked if it was tatting and then continued with her surprise to see someone my age doing it and of course the whole 'lost art' speech. Then there was another lady who had to comment as well. Before I knew it I was pulling out my phone to show them my etsy shop to show them what I make. That was because I was making ankle corsets and try explaining that without a visual aid. Needless to say it was an odd morning.

Unfortunately that is really all I got up to over the weekend. I had a few other etsy conversations that I might tell you about later if they come to anything, but for now, today is booked for more remaking and then back to the ornaments...maybe.

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