Friday, February 10, 2012

Paper and Lace

It was another day of meandering and getting not a whole lot done. I managed to keep myself busy in the morning with schooling and whatnot, but by the afternoon it was clear that I would need to choose a path for the day. First I finished the butterfly. Don't mistake the color on the photograph for reality though, just playing with filters. Also don't mistake the design for my own creativity, I downloaded it off of deviantart. The only thing I did was cut along the lines, but since I was relatively proud of myself for finishing the project, you get to see it.

Then I was onto more stalling. I worked on another ornament, thought I would keep that up and then decided that no, I need to do something new. It had been suggested to me that I make a back drop necklace of some sort. Now, most of the ones I've see are quite simple with beaded chains coming from a simple necklace down the back. I needed something far more dramatic, so I started envisioning. So far, I only have a few bits made for a prototype and a few ideas that need to be realized, but here's a photo, so you can see what I've got so far and puzzle yourself with what I plan to do. I'm sticking with the scroll technique as I think it's going to be my signature for awhile. We all talk about how there is only so much you can do with rings and chains so when you stumble into creating a design that looks and feels original, well, you milk that cow until she's dry.

Moving on from that disturbing imagery, I hit a bit of creators block toward the evening and decided to cut some more paper. This time, I thought why not combine the lace and the paper cutting. Yes, yes, I am aware that is all paper doilies are, but I'm fairly certain those are not hand cut. So I mucked with an image of my newest mask until I thought it might work. I printed it up way too big on accident, realized that was probably best for my skill level anyhow and I started cutting. I used just regular paper this time as it was an experiment and here I'm about half way done. If I have time, I'll finish it up today, just so I can say I did, but the source photograph made it less awesome than I hoped. Perhaps I should take some pictures with this intent so everything lays well for the conversion. Maybe, if I stay on the paper kick long enough anyway.

So, what's up for today. Well, I think I might pull my body mannequin down so I can keep designing the back drop necklace. It's hard to envision it without a back to judge the size and drape on. Funny, I can't just use my own this time and I'm pretty sure the kids are too small for this one too. Hopefully I'll have something new to show you on Monday and some sales as well. Trying a little positive thought thrown into the Universe there. What? It can't hurt right?

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Vicky said...

I'm loving you're scroll work! I'm curious how the technique works, though. Care to share one or two of your secrets? Looking at that purple ring in the picture above for instance: Is that done in two rows/rounds? Or one? I did a small piece once that required a couple paper clips to hold my spot on a chain, so I could join to it later. To me, it looks like that might be how you're doing the scroll technique. But I'm just a hypothesizing shuttle-tatter. ;) Keep up the fantastic work!