Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mask On A Stick

It worked. That's right, I did not destroy the mask, not at all. The mask was just flexible enough for me to further shape it yesterday morning. I get the impression that if I had dipped the tatting into the fa-brick stuff, as is one suggestion on the bottle, that it would have been rock hard. I painted it on either side using a dabbing motion to really get it into the lace. I am quite pleased with the results. There was no discoloration of the lace once it was dry and it gave it a nice shine without taking away the texture and as a bonus when I placed it on my face, it wasn't scratchy at all. This means I can stiffen a mask meant to be worn on the face with it should I need to. I do still prefer my lace soft though.

I also got photos of it and got it listed yesterday. The only hitch was figuring out the shipping cost. It is barely heavier than my other pieces, but that stick is kind of a game changer. Not to mention the shape of the mask requires that I not put it in an envelope. I admit I got a bit frustrated with trying to work out the international shipping costs so I left them off the listing entirely. I made a note at the end of the listing that I would ship anywhere, I would just offer a quote to prospective out of country buyers. That way I can be more specific and won't accidentally undercharge. These are the times I wish I wasn't every department of my micro business, but that's was way it is.

I did begin work on a second mask with this pattern with the intention of lightly stiffening it to be worn on the face. However,  I also discovered with the stiffened mask that it would be easier to wear it over glasses that way. So it may get fully stiffened after all. I'll get that finished today and figure it out when it's done I suppose. The shop has been as quiet as a ghost for days now...again, so I don't have any other tasks on tap. I might still play with that hat I was writing about yesterday. Yeah, I still don't know, but the mask on a stick is done and I'm at least happy with that.


Ralston said...

Very nice. I wasn't so sure how stiff tatting could get, looks great.

Trouble said...

It looks wonderful.

Luv Jane XX