Monday, February 20, 2012


Hello Monday. While it was a long weekend...and technically still is, I must pretend it is a normal Monday. Why? Well, you've probably figured out by now that I am a creature of habit. This is by design. You see, if I skip something that is part of my self designed schedule, then it becomes easy to skip it the next day and the next. It doesn't take long before there is bedlam and the routine and been utterly destroyed and must be rebuilt from the ground up again. So, holiday or not, happy Monday.

I'm afraid I have nothing new to show you, but I did manage to keep busy. For the first time since I started making masks, one ended up with an owner it didn't quite fit right. After some online consulting about what might fix the problem, we determined that she simply has a petite face and no adjustment on her part will fix it. After some measurements were taken, it seems her face is smaller than mine and since I am quite a small person, I didn't think that likely to happen, but it was possible and here it is. So I spent much of the weekend finding he best way to size the design down just a bit over the nose and made it up. The customer will send back hers and I will replace it with the first sized down mask I've ever made.

Aside from that task I sold three different pairs of barefoot sandals over the weekend. It must be that feeling of Spring in the air getting people ready for bare feet weather. Whatever it is, it kept me busy over the weekend remaking them. Then yesterday I was contacted about a special order for a wedding that includes a custom version of my new back drop necklace. This one I'm really excited about. I have to order up some supplies before I can start, but I'm just so happy that the new design has been liked. I am always worried when I try something completely new. I have certainly come up with a few stinkers over the years, but if I don't keep innovating, I fear the copycats will catch up with me. No, there aren't that many right now, but since that last couple of really bad ones the paranoia stuck with me. So I keep moving forward and now it's time for my Monday routine to continue elsewhere.

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Cat_82 said...

Although it is annoying look at it this way, at least these people think your work is worth coying. Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery (even if it is a pain in the ass!)